Do you want to just order a couple of oils without getting a starter kit? 

You can join as a retail customer if you don't want to become a member. The retail customer program is pretty straight forward!  If you are on this page, maybe you are just still thinking of oils as an expense rather than an INVESTMENT in your health.  Think of how much stuff you wouldn't be paying for if your family had more immune support.

For some of you, you just don't mind paying full price and letting someone else get all of the perks from your purchases. It's important though, to have many options so people don't feel pressured at all to make any sort of commitment.

  • Retail customers pay full retail price for all Young Living products.
  • Retail customers may not take advantage of the Young Living compensation plan or the Essential Rewards program.
  • Retail customers do not need to purchase a Starter Kit.

The only commitment you're making is to yourself and your family!


Wholesale Members...

...get all of this!

  • Choose from multiple Starter Kit Options
  • Get 24% off retail on every order
  • No monthly obligations, minimums, or fees
  • Purchase a one-time Starter Kit
  • Eligible to earn income for referrals
  • Eligible to earn up to 25% of each order in Essential Rewards points redeemable for free products!

Choosing to be a wholesale member does NOT obligate you in any way to make monthly orders, sell products or introduce others to Young Living. Maintaining membership is as easy as purchasing just 50PV (roughly $50) of products, per year.

Your kit is the perfect introduction to Young Living. Get a supply of some of our most popular essential oils and products (with plenty of samples to share), and discover everything Young Living has to offer.

Amazing value! Instant Membership!

NOTE: There are a variety of Premium Kit options if you want to start with a Savvy Minerals Kit (NEW), Thieves Home Cleaning Kit, or NingXia Red Kit. Click the button below to learn more about all of the starter kit options.

Young-Living WHolesale vs Retail

Click the button above and Choose "Retail Customer" as your Membership Option! Start Ordering's that easy!!

If you ever change your mind and want to upgrade to become a Member, all you have to do is choose a starter kit later on!!

Become Young Living Retail Customer

What happens after I Sign Up?

Look for your Welcome Kit in the Mail!

The first thing you'll get from me after you place your first order--a purple envelope full of Oily Goodness!  Current members on my team know what the purple envelopes are about because they know it's something Oily!

The contents can vary, but every Retail Customer gets (after they place their first order):

  • My current Special Free Gift!
  • Fearless: Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 hours mini book
  • Essential Oil Starter Guide
  • Extra printouts and resources!

You will get thank you gifts each time you place an order of $100 or more!


(Image shows Welcome Kit contents for Members, but a few of the items are also sent to Retail Customers)

Wait, there's more! Bonus Support and Oily Resources

1. Oily Support from Me

When you ENROLL with me, it is my honor to help you begin this journey.  I will help guide you and lead you to some amazing resources as you begin and learn how to best utilize essential oils in maintaining your health and that of your family’s.

2. Exclusive Private Memberships

You will be invited to Private Members-Only Facebook Groups

Some features of your Gettin' Oily Membership includes:

  • An online Essential Oils 101 Class with information on safety tips, carrier oils and basic uses for your new essential oils.
  • Basic questions answered on ordering, essential rewards, sharing essential oils and much more!

3. More Extras When You Enroll with GOWI

  • You will always receive a special FREE GIFT for signing up with me! This changes from time to time, but it's guaranteed something awesome!

4. Ongoing Education

  • Monthly mailings with fun ideas, tips, recipes and more!!
  • Resource access online and offline when you're on my team!
  • You can also sign up to receive my essential oil blog posts on oil uses, benefits and essential oil infused recipes.
  • Refer to my website and our Facebook groups for tons of awesome ideas!

I’m so happy you are joining me!