You are helping others by sharing!

Hosting an Essential Oils 101 Class in your home doesn't have to be scary!  In fact,  here's everything you need right here on this page!

(NOTE:  If I am teaching the class for you, you won't need to do much, but if you're hosting and teaching the class, please see below for some easy teaching tools!)

What do I do?

It's super easy to host your own class! You want this to be a fun experience for you and your guests, and you are being an AWESOME friend by inviting them! So, first of all, you will want to pick a solid date and time (and place if not your home) that works for you.

Pick a theme!! You can do a standard Essential Oils 101 Class, or a "Make & Take" Class with friends (sometimes there is a charge for these per person to pay for materials), Valentines Day, Oils for Couples, Oils for Kids, Toxin-Free Home, etc!

If most of your friends are on Facebook, you may want to create an event and invite people that way.  If you want, I can create the event and make you an admin to save you tons of work! Otherwise ask me for some graphics and I'll hook you up so you can setup your own event.

For friends who like paper invites, I can also send you some printable invites you can send out. Just ask me!

And of course, call or text friends and personally invite them!

My invites are sent out, now what?

Now you sit back and just get ready to learn and share!  I will get with you prior to your class and go through everything with you.  Make sure to follow up with friends and family! Get a rough estimate of how many people are coming so you can be prepared.

What if I want to host my own class?

That is an awesome idea! You don't have to be a "know it all" of oils to host a class.  There are some tools available that can make sharing with friends easy and fun! Don't feel like this is a sales meeting! This is sharing something that you are passionate about that everyone needs in their life! Please reach out if you are wanting to step out on the edge and try for yourself! Remember than anyone who joins our team also has access to all of our educational member groups so you can also let your friends know they are not just getting oils, they are getting a whole community of oilers!

Tips for a Successful Class


1. Invite in person!  When you invite someone in person, over the phone, or by mail, they are MUCH more likely to attend your live class.  They want to know you personally want them to attend.  Remember to confirm with them before class and remind them of the date and time.

2. Prizes!  People love free stuff!  You could give away a jar of bath salts, a nasal spray, or something creative that doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.  I usually give away prizes at the end of class to ensure people stay until the end.  There are some great recipes in my blog!

3. Serve food and beverages!  A hungry or thirsty guest isn't going to be able to pay attention very well.  Also, people love an opportunity to experience the oils.  Consider having lemon water (be sure to use glass cups) on hand to serve people and maybe a treat like peppermint brownies.  Those are always crowd pleasers!

4. Follow up!  Remember to ask your friends what they thought of the class, and how you can help them.  Some people may want to get started with Young Living, while others who already have an account may need help placing an order or knowing how to use their oils for a particular issue.

5. Get Oily With It!  Utilize the Gettin' Oily website and Facebook groups!  Remember to let people know they can learn more at our TEAM WEBSITE  This is an invaluable resource for people just getting started with their oils.  Also, be sure to get them plugged into one of our secret community groups.  If you aren't currently in a group but would like to be, please contact us so we can get you in.  No one should ever be confused about how to use their oils, and these groups are so helpful for every day oil knowledge!

Class Tools

Essential Oils 101 Script

Super easy to follow 101 Script by Young Living Diamond Sara Harnish!

Essential Oils 101 Powerpoint Slides

Slides that go perfectly with the 101 Script! Make copies and hand them out!

Premium Starter Kit Flyer

8 1/2" x 11" Downloadable and Printable Flyer for the PSK

Helpful Websites

There are also some helpful sites that offer free graphics that you can download and share! Here are a few I love:

Oil Ability Team with Sara Harnish

Sara is amazing and has tons of tools available for FREE and for purchase. She is the author of some amazing books that are a must-read!

The Oil Posse

This is a great site where you can use and download their info-graphics!

Shareable Graphics

Feel free to use these as you need! Just right click and download images.