Want to Earn a FREE Premium Starter Kit? 

How Do I Do It?

Steps for Getting Your Premium Starter Kit for FREE

Step 1

Purchase Your Kit

If you haven’t already started with Young Living first you need to create your account and order your kit. You can do that HERE.  Choose wholesale member, fill in all the blanks, choose your Premium Starter Kit and make your purchase. Be sure and write down your account number (or check your email for the number).

Benefits of Being a Wholesale Member...

  • Get 24% off retail on every order
  • No monthly obligations, minimums, or fees
  • Purchase a one-time Starter Kit
  • Eligible to earn income for referrals
  • Eligible to earn up to 25% of each order in Essential Rewards points redeemable for free products!

NOTE: Choosing to be a wholesale member does NOT obligate you in any way to sell products or introduce others to Young Living. Maintaining membership is as easy as purchasing just 50PV (roughly $50) of products, per year.

Step 2

Share with 4 friends who purchase a Premium Starter Kit just like you!

This is just like telling your best friend about a new great restaurant or a must-see movie, only better!  You have until the end of your enrollment month to get reimbursed for your kit.

Don’t worry you can still get a bonus the following month and the following month after that if you choose to keep sharing. (*Please contact me and I will explain and help you get this setup!).

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Step 3

Share Your Link!!

When your friend is ready to get started with Young Living and purchase their own Premium Starter Kit, give them this link. Be sure to include your member account number as the sponsor and enroller! If you don't know your member #, you can find it by logging into the virtual office (or ask me!!)

If they accidentally sign using my numbers, let me know right away and I can move them to your team so you get your bonus!


You can also create a enrollment link in your Young Living back office. Ask me how to do this! 


Step 4

Cash your check!!

You will receive a check in the mail for $50 for every friend who purchases a kit just like you!! Sign up 4 friends means you will pay for your kit and still have more money to spare!!  You will have a minimum $200 arriving in the mail the next month!!

It is a WIN, WIN because you are helping your friends and family get on a path to wellness just like you!! Young Living is the most giving company! They want to thank you for sharing! And so do I!!

For every friend you sign up, I will send you a FREE gift!!